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The Top Ten Fashion Crimes Committed at Work

Every office has that ultra rad co-worker who refuses to bow down to The Man by parading around in totally appropriate office wear, much to the confusion, amusement and annoyance of everyone else involved. Like the chick who wears sexy camis and no bra, God bless ‘er. Click through for nine more visual assaults to our workspaces.

Sure, everyone appreciates Casual Friday. But some folks abuse the privilege by going full-on foot commando. It’s not the weekend yet, kids!

Short Shorts:
Yes, hot pants are “back!” and designers are churning out well-tailored shorts that may be tempting to wear to your Monday meeting. Please, do yourself a favor and resist the urge.

Sheer Clothes:
Yet another tricky trend coming to a mall near you is see-through tops the likes of which haven’t been seen since the height of Paula Abdul’s pop star fame. Unless you’re pairing one with a buttoned-up jacket and there is just a bit of froth at the neck peeping out, skip it.

Sure, plenty of people go straight from the gym to the office. Some of those workoutaholics also forget to shower and change clothes. Are you trying to impress us? Because you haven’t.

Do you work in construction? Are you a professional gardener? If the answer to these questions is no, please don’t show up in overalls, no matter how “cute” you think they make you look.

Garter Belts:
Yes, Taylor Momsen may wear these to work. But unless you’re a teenage TV star, there is never a time that visible garter belts is office-friendly attire.

Some colors just aren’t made for doing business in. Anything that glows is one example.

Mini Skirts:
General rule of thumb: If you’d wear it out to da club, it’s probably not OK to wear to work.

Too Much Perfume:
It’s really more of a beauty crime, but note to the lady whose personal scent wafts through to our cubes: please, go easy, sis!

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Originally published on The Frisky