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Top Ten Traits of a Financial Ally

Transparency has been a big buzzword since Obama took office. How transparent are your personal finances to you? Is anyone accountable for them besides you? If you’re in the dark because money matters overwhelm you, it could help to get yourself a financial ally. What makes a financial ally?

10. An honest partner that keeps me on track with my financial goals.

9. The knowledge that at any stage in my life, I know I’m fully supported, and have something or someone mirroring back my financial reality.

8. A financial workout partner, who reminds me that bathing suit season is around the corner.

7. A program or schedule that reflects, “Remember your plan? Are you spending according to your plan?”

6. Feedback on a regular basis that shows me: Here’s what you earned and here’s what you spent. Now what do you want to do?

5. Shows me my financial history in the making.

4. Projects my cash flow months ahead, to help me plan for my future.

3. Tells me the truth about my money situation at all times.

2. Gives me concrete data I can’t fudge.

1. Asks, “What do you want to do with your money?” Then says, “Let’s do it together. I’ll help.”

Communing with your cash flow does not have to be difficult. Get together with a person or program, or a money-group of friends and neighbors. Fortify your financial worth together by holding yourselves accountable. There’s power in financial visibility. Start with an ally, and watch how you grow.

Originally published on GreenSherpa