10 Adorable Beach Towels You Won’t Want To Be Seen Without This Summer

by Hannah Marsh

10 Adorable Beach Towels You Won’t Want To Be Seen Without This Summer
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Sure beach towels are a practical and necessary staple for your days on the water, but who says they can’t be adorable to look at, too?

Beach towels are our best friend when it comes to spending a day by the water. They’re there to dry us off, keep the sand off our bums, and act as a swimsuit coverup in an emergency situation. And if they’re so vital to our pleasure at the beach, we should obviously make sure they look good, too!

Check out these 10 adorable beach towels that will definitely take your day by the waves up a sandy notch.


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1. Cacti Towel


Desert-inspired accessories and decor are huge this summer, so show off your trendy side with these super cute cacti!

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2. Fox-y


A day beachside means no cares in the world, so why not let the world know that, too?

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3. Sugar Skull


Channel both your scary side and your sweet side with this fun-shaped Sugar Skull!

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4. Penguin


Sure, a penguin might seem a little out of place on the beach, but let the little guy enjoy the sun, too!

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5. Florals & Stripes


Bring out your girly side with both florals and stripes. The combo makes for a totally adorable result!

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6. Watermelon Slice


Nothing says summer quite like a slice of watermelon. Bring that to the beach, and you have the tools for a perfect sunny day.

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7. Pink Flamingos


Pink flamingos are pretty much the definition of a good time. This towel says “I’m quirky, and I’m a darn good time!”

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8. Circa Round Beach Towel


Put some ‘prep’ in your step with Lilly Pulitzer’s Circa Round Beach Towel. Feel free to stretch out with all of the wiggle room you’ll have.

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9. Doughnut


This towel will be a fab reminder to dough-nut worry, but be happy on that family vacation!

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10. A Little Pizz-a Heaven


Nothing makes us smile more than having a whole pizza to ourselves, so why would a pizza-shaped beach towel be any different?