11 Travel Accessories Every Jet-Setting Businesswoman Will Love

by Alexis Puebla

11 Travel Accessories Every Jet-Setting Businesswoman Will Love
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If you’re all too friendly with darting through airport terminals and measuring your liquids into 3-ounce doses, you know when it comes to traveling less is always more. We rounded up the best travel accessories that won’t make you sacrifice your first-class style, even if you are stuck in coach.


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First Things First


Whether your current carry-on is worn-out or you’re just ready for something new, this luggage is durable and every business traveler’s dream. With its hard exterior and 360-degree spinner wheels, this luggage definitely won’t slow you down as you scurry through the airport holding the coffee that *may or may not* lead you to missing your flight. In need of a quick charge? This suitcase comes with a built-in battery that can charge any USB device so you’ll never miss an email.

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Lose Your Head* In The Clouds, Not Your Luggage


Don’t lose track of your meticulously packed outfits and accessories with the help of this chic luggage tag from Express. Whether you’re going on an extended business trip that requires too many clothes for a carry-on or you’re dropping off your luggage at the hotel front desk—it never hurts to be sure that if lost, your valuables would be returned to you. (And yes, we mean your shoes.)

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There’s A Pocket For That


No toiletry gets left behind with this multi-pouch by Mochi Things. Store your beauty products, pills, first-aid, and more with this pretty-in-pink travel case that will have you on a roundtrip ticket to complete organization. Now if only our bathroom at home looked like this…

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Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry


One major downside to traveling is having to tote your worn wardrobe around for days. Carry your dirty clothes in covert style with this simple laundry bag by Kate Spade. Storing your laundry while traveling is the easy part—doing the laundry when you get home is a different story.

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Get Carried Away


Every girl on-the-go knows that her laptop is never too far away. Travel in style with this Kate Spade laptop case that opens to four interior pockets with a floral lining for a pop of color. The sleek exterior makes this a staple item that will complement any outfit while livening up even the dullest of board rooms.

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The Commuter Clutch


Lugging a purse around in addition to your briefcase can be a lot of *baggage* but with this wallet turned must-have clutch, your problems of having to load extra bags in the overhead compartment are solved. Forget the days of losing your cell phone at the bottom of your work tote and finding your headphones tangled around your car keys. With the commuter clutch, you can stash cards, cash, and cords without having to dig for ages to retrieve them.

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Your Hair Miracle


Reaching altitudes of 30,000 feet before starting an 8 hour work day can put some serious strain on your hair. This 3-in-1 travel size phenomenon from Drybar is a texture spray that serves as an oil absorbing, fresh smell inducing, dry shampoomiracle worker that will seriously save you (and your hair’s) life on travel days.

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Airplane Essentials


No jet lag for you! Travel—and nap—in style with this neck pillow and eyemask set from Target. Whether you’re catching some zzz’s as the sun rises or are the go-getter typing away on her laptop until the midnight hours, you deserve to fly in chic comfort.

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Your On-The-Go Keyboard


Take your iPad to the next level with this gold clip-on keyboard to maximize productivity and style. Offering the perfect balance between tablet and laptop, this mobile keyboard will allow you to zone in on your work while flying in an airplane, riding in a taxi, or sitting at a coffee shop. The lightweight and easy installation keyboard makes this tech accessory a travel necessity.

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Bag of Tricks


Every jet-setting working girl knows that her makeup bag is the one piece of luggage that cannot be lost or forgotten. Make a statement with your cosmetic case with this personalized bag from The Daily Edited. Large enough to carry more than the average essentials, never miss the opportunity to re-apply mascara or touch-up your eye shadow mid-flight.

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For The Finishing Touches


For the girls who don’t mess around when it comes to their beauty regimen, this packable light-up mirror will magnify your skin from airport terminals to Uber rides to the office. Whether you need to touch-up mid day or plan to get ready from the comfort of business class, this mirror will allow you to beautify anywhere, anytime.