14 Adult Summer Camps To Bring Out Your Inner Child

by Hannah Marsh

14 Adult Summer Camps To Bring Out Your Inner Child

Summer camp isn’t just for kids anymore! Check out these awesome adult summer camps for an awesome getaway.


Camp No Counselors



Camp No Counselors partners with only the most beautiful summer camps across North America, and with “no counselors” allowed, there won’t be anyone to tell you and your friends where to be or what to do. This means you can spend your entire time wakeboarding, swimming crafting, trying your hand at the ropes course, sailing, archery, and so much more. And not only are all meals included, free drinks are served throughout the days. Talk about a good time!


Camp Wandawega



Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, gives you all of the activites a camp-goer could want while making it possible to reserve an area and make your stay private—i.e. choose your campmates! Get lost in the simpler times as you canoe on the lake, hike through the woods, or enjoy the peace of a group bonfire. Family, friends, and/or coworkers could have a perfect getaway in Wandawega.


The Graham & Co.



The Graham & Co. is not your average escape. It’s a 20-room hotel in Phoenicia, New York, that hosts over three acres of camping activities for you and your family. This includes a swimming pool, hammocks, badminton courts, a fire pit, bikes for your use, and plenty of areas with a good cocktail for when you’re finished.


Camp Grounded



Sign up for a long weekend at Camp Grounded in Mendocino, California. Partake in your choice from over 25+ activities including comic book drawing, analog phtography, acroyoga, learning the ukulele, a ropes course, pickling, pizza baking, nature hikes, and more! In addition to having male and female bunks for lodging, they even include a “Genderful Village” to make sure that even those who don’t identify with a binary stystem can still feel fully welcomed.


Wanderlust Festivals



Wanderlust Festival adult summer camps are wholly dedicated to teaching a lifestyle of mindful living. This long weekend will give you opportunities for meditation, listen to a range of live music, get in touch with nature, listen to inspiring speakers, and indulge in healthy farm-to-table meals, all while making new friends!


Soul Camp



Leave your worries and your iPhones behind to participate in either a day camp or a multi-night getaway at Soul Camp. In several locations throughout the United States, participate in yoga, meditation, dance, bootcamp, horseback riding, ropes courses, trampoline parks, live entertainment, late night discos and plenty more with 200 to 500 other campers! Their website states, “Soul Camp believes that at camp, we reawaken to the power we all had as kids that allowed us to dream bigger, jump higher, sing louder, laugh more. We let go of our adult labels, roles and fears, and rediscover who we really are.” Cheers to that!


Adult Band Camp



Love to play an instrument, but lack a musical community to exercise your talent? The Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, Michigan, hosts an adult band camp for a week each year where attendees will take lessons, attend classes, and play in full ensembles in a challenging and fun environment.


ACE Camps



Go on a retreat with ACE Camps Travel Company to fulfill that travel bug and learn the ins and outs of a new culture. The adult summer camps are held all over the world, and they give participants opportunities to uncover, develop, and grow in new places!


Yellowstone Under Canvas



Choose from a variety of options for a fabulous trip with Yellowstone Under Canvas. If tents aren’t normally your thing, you might want to give these ones another thought. The company’s “glamping” experience includes some seriously rad lodging options to make your stay as comfortable as possible!


Moab Under Canvas



Similar to Yellowstone Under Canvas, Moab Under Canvas offers options that range from $89 to $384. The activity options include horseback riding, white water rafting, biking, hiking, and more!


Shelter Co.



If you’re looking for a luxurious overnight outdoor experience, Shelter Co. should definitely be on your list of options. It’s the perfect getaway for those who miss the summer camp days, but are looking for an upgraded stay. Enjoy a fully stocked library, sleep in a full mattress, and couches to lounge on.


Wine Camp



Enjoy world class wine (that you get to take home!), and work with winemakers, owners, and vineyard managers to learn all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing your favorite beverage on a 4-day Wine Camp adventure. Each winery that participates is different, so you can even enjoy it more than once. Pricing starts at $1,299 per person for a group of two!


Adult Space Academy



Have you always had an affinity for space and those astronauts who dared venture out into the unknown? You’re not gonig to want to miss these three and four day experiences at Adult Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama. You’ll get to assume roles in hands-on, interactive space missions, and learn what it truly takes to be a real astronaut! Three-day, two-night stays are $549 per person.


Camp Throwback



Think The Parent Trap, but for adults (and you probably won’t find your long lost twin. But hey, who knows!). Camp Throwback is everything from your middle school summer camp, except you can bring booze. This means sloppy joes, slip n’ slides, s’mores, field day, and craft time are yours for the taking!