19 of the Coolest Landmarks to See on Your Next Road Trip

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19 of the Coolest Landmarks to See on Your Next Road Trip

Make the most out of your next road trip by adding a few of America's most obscure landmarks along your route. Come on; we know you want to see the tallest tree house.


Tallest Thermometer



Located in Baker, California this landmark is considered the “Gateway to Death Valley.” It stands 134 feet tall and is displays temperatures all the way up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit—the current record temperature set in Death Valley in 1913.


Largest Ball of Twine



Started in 1953 by Frank Stoeber, the ball of twine grew for four years until it weighed 5,000 pounds. Since then the ball was given to the city of Cawker City, Kansas, where it currently resides. Anyone can visit the ball freely, but you can also leave your mark on the landmark by adding twine to the growing structure. The ball was last weighed in September of 2013 where it totaled 19,873 pounds.


Largest Traffic Cone



Dennis Oppenheim created five identical giant traffic cone sculptures to be dispersed throughout the world. This monster cone is featured in Olympic Park in Seattle, Washington and reaches five meters in height.


Largest Ball of Stamps



Now I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting, but this giant stamp ball is a part of history. The Stamp Collecting Club of Boys Town, Nebraska began this project way back in 1953. The ball is made up of 4,655,000 canceled stamps and weighs 600 pounds. Think of all the mail you could send with that!


Largest Peanut



Located in Ashburn, Georgia, this landmark nut was created in February of 1975. Several similar monuments can be seen in nearby cities, but this one is by far the biggest.


Largest Pistachio



This landmark is located in Alamogordo, New Mexico as a part of McGinn’s Pistachio Tree Ranch. This monument stands a whopping 30 feet tall and is brightly painted, so there’s no way you can miss it. Plus, you can pick up some delicious pistachios while you’re at it!


Fork in the Road



You’re going to want to take a right at the fork in the road, literally. Located in Pasadena, California, this 18-foot utensil adds a little dose of whimsy to hundreds of drivers’ commute.





This monument to cycling stands 65 feet tall in Santa Rosa, California. Artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector built the structure using 340 bicycles and one tricycle. The Cyclisk is a must-stop for any fan of bikes.





Located 3,619 miles from Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, Foamhenge stands in Centreville, Virginia. Unlike the original, Foamhenge is made from large foam blocks, thus the name. It may not be as mysterious as it’s big brother, but visiting Foamhenge is certainly a much easier drive.


Largest Popcorn Ball



Currently residing in Sac City, Iowa, the largest popcorn ball weights more than 5,000 pounds and measures 8 feet in diameter. Indiana Jones would have a tough time getting out of this popcorn ball’s way!


Tallest Tree House



Located in Crossville, Tennessee, Minister’s Tree House towers over its surroundings at 10 stories tall. It uses seven trees throughout the structure and has an unbelievable 80 rooms. This tree mansion makes any childhood hideout look like a tiny tree toolshed.


Dixie Cup Water Tower



Lexington, Kentucky is home to the Dixie Cup factory. So when the water tower was constructed in 1958, immediately after the the Dixie Cup factory, they had a fun idea. The cup-shaped water tower stands 180 feet tall, reminding local residents to stay hydrated.


Largest Six Pack



La Crosse Brewery in Wisconsin is home to the largest six pack around. And these cans are not just for show, they are storage units for the beer produced in the nearby brewery. Each giant can holds the equivalent of 1,223,466 individual cans of beer, totaling 7,340,796 cans in all six.


Tallest Filing Cabinet



Built in 2002 in Burlington, Vermont, the towering filing structure stands 38 feet tall and is made from real filing cabinets that are welded together. It may seem like a nightmare from your old temp job, but this landmark is actually pretty cool.


Giant Cow Head



Trust us; you don’t want to mess with this bull, it’s horns are huge. Detroit, Michigan is the home to this bust of rather large cow. You may recognize him from from his appearance in the movie 8 Mile.


Largest Catsup Bottle



Collinsville, Illinois is home to this enormous ketchup bottle water tower. At 170 feet tall, this shrine to a beloved condiment can be seen at almost any location in the town of Collinsville. Now they just need a giant hot dog to match.


Largest Hammock



Made from 10,000 feet of rope, this hammock in Point Harbor, North Carolina can support up to 8,000 pounds. Just think, you could nap comfortably with 40 of your closest friends by your side.


Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard



Honor the dearly de-pinted by visiting the Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard in Waterbury, Vermont. Look around at the flavors from seasons past. While you may mourn the loss of some of the flavors, not all deserve to be brought back from the dead. R.I.P. Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie.


UP House



If you’re driving through Herriman, Utah, be sure to visit the scale replica of the house featured in the animated Disney film Up. Workers, who built the house soon after the movie’s release, were able to accurately recreate all the aspects of the house shown in the movie.