8 of the Best Restaurants In New Orleans

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8 of the Best Restaurants In New Orleans

Finding yourself hungry in New Orleans? Here are our top eight foodie-approved finds. 


Next time you're in the Big Easy, make sure to check out these eight fab food finds. Fair warning: Your pants may fit a little tighter after indulging at any one of these comfort-food heavy restaurants. 

Cafe Du Monde: 800 Decatur St.
Touristy? Yes. But the beignets are fresh, hot and delicious. Plus, the place is open twenty-four hours, so if it’s too crowded for you during the day, come back at 2:41 a.m.

Palace Cafe: 605 Canal St.
Right on Canal Street. If the White Chocolate Bread Pudding doesn’t make your entire body quake with pleasure, you’re dead. The savory food is good too, but it’s the bread pudding I’m still fantasizing about.

HerbSaint: 701 St. Charles Ave.
Olive. Oil. Seared. Gnocchi. With. Lemon. Delicious! Seared. Kurabuta. Pork. Belly. Dear God! Take a cab to this fantastic upscale eatery and try to contain yourself from licking your plates.

K-Paul’s: 416 Chartres St.
This is where we ate birthday dinner. A fun honky-tonky band sang me happy birthday (which I usually loathe!), I got to finally try debris sauce (as good as it sounds!), AND they gave me a birthday gift of K-Paul seasoning when we left. This place was homey and tasty and a perfect pick for a special evening out.

Johnny’s Po Boys Restaurant: 511 St. Louis St.
I found this place after stopping a local on the street and asking him for suggestions. Holy crap, it’s delicious. I ended up going back twice. The first time I had a mufelleta. Meat, cheese, olive spread. Warmth. What’s not to love? The second time I had a roast beef sandwich and the meat was dripping with flavor. The place gets packed, but there’s seating in the back.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen: 95 French Market Pl.
Another place we went back to twice. Alligator sausage on a thin crust pizza?! Yes, it’s called the Salsiccia Marinara and I can assure you that you’re going to crave it when you’re hung over. The Greek was also super flavorful and a nice balance to the meat pie. For some reason, both times we came here, the place was swarming with cops. But luckily they were eating. Not arresting anybody.

Fiorella’s: 45 French Market Pl.
Hmmm, fried chicken? Or fried pickles? Yes, please. Do not come here if you are having any blood work done in the near future. Your gummed up platelets won’t be able to fit up the needle. Especially if you get the side of mac-n-cheese like I did. As the name states, it’s mac and it’s cheese. There are no other binding agents involved.

Gumbo Shop: 630 St. Peter St.
Chicken andouille gumbo. Seafood okra gumbo. Shrimp creole. Jambalaya. Crawfish etouffee. If it crawled up outta da Bayou, you’re likely to find it on your plate at the Gumbo Shop. And it’s gonna taste real good. Afterwards, stroll a block to take in a show at Preservation Hall.