Yes. People Are Judging What You Read on Public Transit

by admin

Yes. People Are Judging What You Read on Public Transit

Embarrassed to read 50 Shades of Gray on the subway? Maybe you should be.

I, for one, am always paranoid about the kind of reading material I take on public transit. Am I being judged? Is someone going to talk to me about it? Can they tell I don't read as much as I should? What if I read too slowly?! A video by The Chortle and Playboy have confirmed some of my worst fears. Yes. Strangers on the bus are totally judging my book by its cover.

In the video, comedian Scott Rogowsky rides the subway with a series of fake books that most people wouldn't be caught dead with in public. Ranging from the highly sexual to the downright outrageous, Rogowsky's books attract a lot of attention. Strangers all around him giggle to each other, roll their eyes, and even take pictures. Ass Eating Made Simple seems to be a favorite among his fellow passengers (of course).



Bottom line, you're being watched. So if you absolutely have to read the beginner's guide on Human Taxidermy—yikes—consider investing in some kind of tablet reader or read it on your phone… or don't read it at all.