Your Guide To Winter In A Carry-On: Packing Light With Heavy Gear

by Alexis Puebla

Your Guide To Winter In A Carry-On: Packing Light With Heavy Gear

You don’t need to compromise your style on behalf of your lack of proper suitcase space. We’re showing you how to pack during the winter months that will have you looking absolutely fabulous via your carry-on bag.


Packing for winter excursions can be tough. It’s one thing to have to pack for any type of vacation—from planning outfits for your unknown future moods to making room for all the cozy-outfit possibilities, it can be seriously overwhelming trying to squeeze all your clothes and accessories into a TSA-approved carry-on.


Throw in having to stuff snow boots, a winter coat, a wool scarf, and every sweater you own into that same bag and now we’re stressing out about breaking the zipper before we get to the airport. If you know the struggle all too well, don’t worry because we’re breaking down how to pack light with your heavy winter gear.


Tip #1: Start With Your Basics
It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, you still need to pack your undies and your makeup bag. Get all your necessities in sight so you can be sure to make a spot for them in your bag before you start prioritizing which pair of shoes must make the cut over packing a single pair of pants… Who needs pants anyways when you have a new pair of boots to wear, right?


Tip #2: Pack Versatile Pieces
Choose pieces that can be mixed and matched depending on the weather. If it’s a cold day, utilize the pieces you have to stay warm, like layering a thin, long-sleeve top underneath your jean jacket and topping it off with your cozy knit scarf. Also, it’s good to note that you should pack neutral colors that can all be switched around to create different outfits using the same types of pieces. For more insight, check out this Winter Capsule Collection we created that uses 13 pieces to build five different outfits.


Tip #3: Limit Your Shoes
Though we’re never ones to shy away from a suitcase full of shoes, we will admit that when you’re in a packing crunch you can definitely save some room by decreasing the amount that you pack. If you’re venturing to a snowy destination, wear your boots on the plane to save as much space as possible. Depending on what you have planned, bring one more pair of shoes like your trusty pair of booties or the classic pumps you need for the suave get together you’re attending during the trip.


Tip #4: Use Lightweight Fabrics
Sweaters may be cute and all, but they inevitably take up more space in your suitcase. Replace the sweaters you want to bring with a few tops and a cardigan, maximizing your outfit opportunities and your suitcase space. Also, save some room by only packing one or two pairs of pajamas, because at the end of the day—do you really need four pairs of sleep pants and accompanying t-shirts? Save that room for those pants we still need to fit…


Tip #5: Wear Your Bulky Pieces On Travel Day
Another space-saving tactic, wear your big winter coat and scarf on the plane to save space in your suitcase. It may seem annoying having to carry it around the airport, but just think about all the extra room you’ll have for that brand new cardigan you just bought and the perfect striped tee to go with it! The opportunities are endless.


Tip #6: Use The Right Luggage
And lastly, you can definitely maximize your packing potential if you’re using the right kind of bags. In terms of your actual carry-on suitcase, we love this Rockland hardshell carry-on in the champagne color. It’s easy to handle, lightweight, and expandable so you can rest assured that all of your must-have essentials will fit inside.


And as far as shoulder bags go, this lightweight OG bag from Lo & Sons is a dream. It literally holds everything you’d ever need during a quick trip or an eight-hour travel day at the airport. Bring your laptop, scarf, and extra pair of shoes (!!!), your makeup bag, a book, and more. If you don’t have this bag yet, get on it STAT!