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Trying to Land a New or Different Job

I worked for twenty-eight years in a health care field. But presently, even if I was offered a similar job in that field today, I wouldn’t take it. This because I became tried of and burnt out in this type of work. Because I’m studying to hopefully be employed in a different field eventually, I’m learning I have abilities I never knew I had before.

To me realistically, to be able to compete for a job today the internet is a must. Almost every employer in the country hires this way now. Also I found to have taken even only one typing course, helped me to pass a thirty to forty wpm typing test at companies that use computers and want people that have skills beyond hunt and peck (on a computer keyboard). This could help you get a data entry job over other applicants that have a similar computer “knowledge” background.

Look up articles on areas of employment that need workers. I believe today some of these areas are accounting, counseling, physician, nursing. If your state has an extremely high rate of financial instability, I would wait until the news reports indicate people are hiring again. You can’t be blamed for not finding a job if there aren’t any out there.