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From Unemployment to a 6-Figure Income

$5,000 … that’s all I asked for.

Never mind the fact that it had been three years since my last raise.

And never mind the fact that the company was financially solid or that I had provided significant value to them (well in excess of this amount) over those years.

In the end, my request was denied—and a few months later, I was fired. In the span of one five-minute conversation, I, too, had joined the millions of nameless, desperate faces on the unemployment line.

Then one morning, after four fruitless weeks of searching for a new job, tired of feeling both stressed and depressed, I made a decision: I was more than this current life experience.

In addition, I realized I was more than that job would have ever allowed me to be. More importantly, I was worth a hell of a lot more than my latest salary implied, with or without that raise.

So I made another decision: For the next sixty days, I would implement an experiment and attempt to answer one all-important question: Could connecting to a powerful, unlimited force within me truly transform my life—finances included?

Later that same night, I had a dream.

In the dream, the one and only Warren Buffet told me to buy a stock, which I did. Then three days later, after yet another dream, I sold the stock for a nice profit.

Weeks passed, my experiment continued. The more I plugged into that powerful force within me, the more “money miracles” I experienced.

As a result of those two decisions made only six months ago, I’m now creating a life I love and I am on target to bring in (an almost) double six-figure income.

But why should my story matter to you?

Because you’re allowing your life experiences to determine who you are—and who you can be—just as I once did. You are saying “no” or “maybe later” whenever the opportunity to transform your life presents itself to you.

Moreover, you’re justifying that “no” by blaming it on a lack of money, time, or whatever else. What you don’t understand is there are never any reasons as to why you can’t create a life you love. There are, however, many excuses you’ll use as to why you won’t.

The truth is you can make the same decisions I did. You also have the same ability to access and to connect to that creative force within you.

But until you say “no” to playing small and remaining stuck … until you say “no” to fear … you’ll never know how amazing your life can be.

The choice is yours alone to make. Yes or no? What will it be?

And yes, it is that simple.

(P.S. To the company who fired me … please know you have my deepest gratitude!)