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United We Stress. United We Save.

How scared do you get when you hear people say that the economy hasn’t been this bad since the Great Depression? How about the stress of thinking about things like retirement, social security, and most of all your children’s future? It is time that we take charge of what we have all been stressing over ... money! We can’t sit around and wait for the economy to straighten itself out. We as people are in charge of our own fate. There are many things that we can do to help ourselves! It wasn’t long ago at all that my husband and I would fight over money; we would dread about sitting down to talk about it! Now, things are different; we have learned multiple ways to save on everyday expenses and we have a blast doing it!

Saving money is awesome! Who doesn’t love it, right? Well, as great as it is, I have found something that might be even better! It’s free! There is “a whole world of free stuff” out there and it is available to just about anyone and everyone! I know it sounds crazy; I still am in shock about it myself!

Let me rewind a bit and take you back to last year ... last year my husband and I bought our first house and it was terrifying. With two young kids (ages three and four), me being a stay-at-home mom, and my husband working his tail off for a teachers’ income, life was hard enough financially as it was. Not to mention the economy was crumbling, everyday houses were (and still are) being foreclosed everywhere, banks were running out of money, and times were down right frightening ... need I say more?! We bit the bullet and bought the house! This is what we dreamed of for too long to let it slip through our fingers! And so my search for ways to save began! I searched and searched for every coupon that I could find and then one day I found something that literally changed my life. I found ... free stuff ... and lots of it! I immediately became obsessed with finding “freebies”!

After several months of getting free stuff in my mailbox everyday, a light bulb went off in my head! “I’m gonna start my own Web site,” I said, to just about everyone I know! Did I know anything about starting a Web site? Uh, no! Did I care? No! I was going to spread the word no matter what! It’s been almost four months now since I started my blog and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Free Sample Freak is based around free things of all kinds including: beauty products, food, movies, music, clothes, and more! There is a huge list of categories for different free things; there is literally something for everyone! To top it off you can also print coupons right from the home page, earn money and rewards for taking online surveys (these are survey companies that I have “used and approved”), and more!! I recently discovered “online offers,” which I also blog about ... and ... you can learn about company programs (free to join) where you can test new products that are coming out!

It amazes me that I did not know about these things before! It has brought so much joy into my life! My family has saved money (yes, there is always room to save more) and for the first time we have had a fun time doing it, too! I hope that you take a moment to visit Free Sample Freak and see for yourselves the many ways you can save money, make money, and yes ... even get stuff for free!