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There are a few things to think about as we try to blindly go through this life. Things that will happen on cue.

I am just a simple messenger reminding you of just a few. I am nothing out of the ordinary; I just appear, like dew.

The choices we make, they are many; seemingly simple, and resulting as expected. But ahh … we forget, it is so much more, and should be corrected.

The simple encounter with the stranger last night. Was it cruel? Were you polite? Brief and unforgettable, if you’re not looking right.

Perhaps it is the difference between mushing through the torrid sludge or sitting on the cool wings of the wind, feeling it’s gentle nudge.

The way we sit with no thought in mind, to our server whose bills are so far behind. You will somehow react, either way, every time. But the choice is yours not mine.

Is this our responsibility to notice these tiny events every day? Open the good book and read what the words have to say.

To suffer greatly with gnashing of teeth? Or to chuckle lightly at the butterfly just out of reach.

I am just a simple reminder. But the choice is all yours. That power was given to you at birth. Choose wisely, for time is sneaky, and you will be held accountable, for the time you spend on his earth.