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U.S. Military Transcripts Are Worthless

U.S. Military Veterans walk into any college in America today with their military transcripts and they will be told that their transcripts are worthless. Yes worthless.
Marketing ploys the military has in place give our young people the misconception that they can “be all they can be” with the military training that they promise to be “cutting edge technology” and it is a crime. They are being misled and this is still happening today. 

Military education IS “valuable” and IS “cutting edge technology” AND the curricula is written by leaders in each field and recognized by nationwide licensing agencies! It is incomprehensible that upon finishing a military education program that American colleges refuse to honor it and give credit towards a degree.

My recruiter told me that my military education would be the equivalent to both an Associate’s and a Bachelor of Science degree. I would not have signed on that line, raised my arm and swore to protect my country, studied very hard, and proudly served my country IF I had known that my education would be considered “worthless” by the very people I swore to protect and serve. This is a crime.

It is a misconception that military ed involves just learning how to clean and use a gun. Everyone learns basic military functions, but they also are required to perform a function after completing an educational goal. This educational goal is determined largely by extensive testing.

The military does not place those in high tech fields of study unless they show the proper ability to learn those skills. They do not train someone with an aptitude for painting cars to be a surgeon. Military personnel MUST get the grades or they are tossed out.

Military students are not given the luxury of repeating a subject as you would in a college setting. This is high tech training under high stress conditions with a full-time job protecting the United States. This demands dedication and hard work.
For EVERY private sector position there is a military equivalent. Each military individual is given a specialized educational goal. Some examples: nurse, mechanic, cook, scientist, doctor, data analyst, computer programmer, x-ray technologist, neurologist, cardiologist, management leader and so on.

Suppose you had to choose between two doctors. The first has a military education, actual experience plus a formal education. The second doctor went to a traditional college with minimal on the job training and is ready to start “practicing medicine.” Which would you pick?

Probably the first guy because who wants to be practiced on? I am not saying a traditional education falls short, but I am making a point that real experience obtained in the military IS valuable.

What if the first doctor never became a doctor because he was told his military education is worthless? It is humiliating and insulting when you realize that you have to re-do every class already taken. This vast experience, education and the government funds already spent to train you is wasted. That is a crime.

Every taxpayer (including myself) paid for my military education. Don’t you think we should get what we pay for? What about the fact this was worked for, earned, and acknowledged by our military BUT colleges are allowed to thumb their nose at that education? 

At the very least colleges which receive government funding should recognize our military transcripts. All colleges should. How have they gotten away with this?
IF Obama wanted to do ONE simple and easy thing that would affect our country immediately, it would be making sure our military educations are taken seriously by colleges. It is real training for the real world. We should not be repeating every class already taken while active duty; something that already has been paid for by our tax dollars.
The continued higher education for all prior military personnel depends on this essential change. Please support change is our colleges. Demand they give veterans the credits they have earned.

Honestly, veterans always give more than they take. We aren’t asking for something we haven’t earned, in fact it is embarrassing that we have to ask for this at all.

The taxpayers (you and me) paid for my military education. That was approximately $650,000 per professional soldier, and American Colleges refuse to acknowledge military transcripts.

Seems to me we should be able to get credit for what we have paid for, earned, and worked for.   

Colleges have too much power to decide willy-nilly as to whether they can make someone repeat a class—just so they get paid for it all over again. This is the epitome of intellectual arrogance.

They should at least agree on one common unit/credit system to be used nationwide. You’d think for a bunch of “intellectuals” they could at least agree on that issue.

“Sorry, your credits aren’t good enough for us,” simply isn’t going to fly with me anymore. I dared them to tell me why I needed to repeat anatomy 1 and 2 ... because as far as I know—human anatomy has not evolved since I took it in the military. That question left them stupefied.
Colleges have not realized that online learning is going to replace them. It is their best interest to help us. For an “advanced society” our education system is astoundingly stupid. Soon they better wise up. 

Our jobs are going overseas. Our counterparts in industry abroad make better money than we do. That is a reality few know about. Obama cannot toss money at schools and expect change. We cannot trust those running schools now—so why give them more money to keep doing a bad job?

America should be ashamed that veterans even have to ask for their education to be taken seriously. This is something Obama can fix by simply making it policy. Unfortunately I cannot get a job without a degree that would pay enough to give a campaign contribution large enough to warrant his attention.