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Use Rituals to Create What You Want

Throughout history, rituals have played an important role in society to usher in new beginnings, communicate intention, and celebrate achievement. The notion of communicating directly with the unseen, intangible world of the universe while living on the physical plane is a new one for most people. However, it’s also the secret to much of what has been created that’s beyond the known, familiar or expected in the world we know today.

With the pace of living and keeping up in today’s world, we often forget, neglect or don’t know the importance of setting aside time to focus our energy on what we want to create in our lives. Now, more than ever, it is especially imperative that we 1) acknowledge how far we’ve come vs. focusing exclusively on how far we have yet to go, 2) that we share our intentions with the intangible energy source that really powers the Universe, and 3) connect our being with our higher power in the joy of accomplishment and gratitude. 

Rituals are very simple, meaningful, direct expressions of our personal energy. There are some we do daily without thinking about them as such (consider your morning rituals to meet the day like brushing your teeth or packing your briefcase). Rituals can be done with or without other people, fanfare, complexity, or props, and in locations that vary from your home to being in nature (park, beach, forest, etc.). The most important and essential ingredient is your intention. 

Three Simple Rituals You Can Do Today
Release Sorrow/Negativity: Our bodies hold the energies of our lives, including what no longer serves us in the forms of sorrow or negativity. It is recommended to take a series of citrus baths (provided you’re not allergic!), using nine orange slices in the bath water and dragon-breathing (one big in of air, eight short bursts and a ninth long out, repeated nine times). Repeat this at least nine days (and longer if it feels right for you). Light candles to burn off the excess and non-supporting energies that are released.

New Beginnings: Clarify your intention and write it down (identically) on two different pieces of paper. With the first one, hold it next to your heart, say it out loud, and then ask the universe to support you in achieving it in alignment with the highest good of all concerned. Burn this piece of paper, keeping the ashes. Plant the ashes underneath flowers or a growing plant, symbolizing new growth. Take the second piece of paper with the intention written on it, and place it in your environment in a special place where you are able to see it and know what it is, but not necessarily that other people will see it and know what it is. The intention is to infuse your environment with your intention, and remind your subconscious of it and that the Universe is working to bring it to you, but not to dilute the energy by over-sharing it. Placing it near your front door will draw supportive energies in to your home and to your intention.

Celebrate Achievement/Lessons Learned: Either write a statement or have a picture of what you achieved (not your actual achievement, such as book manuscript, etc.). While holding this piece, light a white candle and look at yourself holding this piece in a nearby mirror (so you can see the candle in the mirror with you). While reflecting on your image, and that of the piece and the candle, share with the Universe what this achievement represented for you—the lessons, the journey, the challenges, the unexpected, the discoveries, and anything else important to you. You will re-live the achievement process.

This is also when you would express your gratitude to your support team (the Universe, guides, God, higher power, nature spirits, the members of the body of White Light, etc.). You will feel in your body when you are done with this process (it could be a calmness, an openness, a sense of completion, or something else). When it feels complete, you can either place your piece in a treasured memory spot or transform the energy by burning it in the flame of the candle. If this is your option, scatter the ashes outside in acknowledgement of universal energies. Remember to blow out the candle!

Know that rituals are simple to do and hold the secret of you opening your energy to the receiving process; through rituals, you can create more of what you want to experience in your life.