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Used Minivan Guide

God knows (and pretty much anyone within earshot in the past six months) that my hubby and I searched high and low for the perfect minivan for us. We wanted quality without having to pay too much for it. I mean who isn’t looking for a good deal this time around? So here’s a few tips that we learned along the way that might help you out if you’re on the lookout!

  1. Transmission problems: most van models that we looked at had at least somewhat of a history of transmission problems, but mostly the some of the Mazda MPVs, and Honda Odyssey 2001-03 models. So you definitely want to ask the seller if the minivan has ever had any transmission problems.
  2. Warranty: you want to try to get something that is under warranty to guard yourself against problems such as the ones listed above, or engine problems, etc.
  3. Moving up: if you’re going to take the leap from a car to a minivan, make sure you splurge for the full amount of space you want. Don’t try to skim a couple feet to save a few grand. Go all out so you don’t have to worry about moving up in size for a while.
  4. Rust problems: minivans have more of a chance to have been through hell, because they usually mean that they’ve been taken on family road trips. Stay away from any rust problems. Always ask if the van has had any rust. Even if rust has been painted over, it will come back, so don’t even accept a good deal in exchange of rust problems. Rust spots will only get worse.
  5. Minivans are expensive: and people always want too much for their minivans. Always check Kelly Blue Book value to see if they are asking too much or not.
  6. The more mileage on your minivan when you buy it, the more you can expect to put money into it after you buy it. I wouldn’t buy any minivan with more than 85,000 miles.

Aside from those simple pointers, of course you want to follow the usual guides that are standard to any other used car purchase like: checking car facts, taking it for a test drive, getting it checked out by a mechanic, etc.