Maureen Ross

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What do you do for work?

Dog Talk Training and Wellness LLC, New England Petpartners Inc.

When were you born?

Lowell, MA

What I would like most to reinvent about my life...

Making a difference with Awareness Centered Training - ACT and Pet Assisted Therapy Teams.

My favorite indulgence is...

walking my dog, good wine, dark chocolate

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Hello! Welcome to my MORE STUDIO. Does your dog have a job to do? Do you want to make a difference with your friend by becoming a Registered Therapy Team? Engaging with others using our dogs as catalyst has many benefits including healing, connection, improving health, range of motion and overall well-being. Can you imagine not being able to touch, see or feel the joy of your pet(s) ever again? Many people, for financial or medical reasons cannot see or touch their pets again. Sharing our pets is a way to make a difference. However, all dogs need to be trained with awareness, gentleness and with a goal in mind. The behaviors that are cute as little pups can drive us insane in adolescence (6 months - 3 years)! Dogs are not 7 at 1 year. Awareness Centered Training – ACT (new book too) offers joyful, easy training that can be integrated into daily living and learning with our beloved dogs. It is being offered many hospitals as the “go to” for potential therapy teams. At New England Pet Partners, it is all we use for training our therapy dog teams and family dogs too! Coming from corporate and with a passion for dogs (pets), I have blended my skills into a business helping families and those with pet therapy goals train happy, healthy and confident dogs. There is no difference. This is the real world. And, this real world can be too much. Sensory overload affects our dogs too. We can change that breathing in nose-to-navel, and teaching our dogs how to calm themselves. Training, loving our dogs can change our lives! Awareness Centered Training – ACT is available at all major booksellers and distributors in e-book and soft cover. Enjoy the Journey, living and learning with dogs. ~ Maureen Ross, MA

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