Stacie Walker

About Stacie Walker

What do you do for work?

I am a Business Consultant and the founder of Woman in Leadership, in San Antonio, Texas

When were you born?

February 1977

What I would like most to reinvent about my life...

Is that I would love to inspire women new to the entrepreneurial world, by adding more value to their lives and businesses.

My favorite indulgence is...

reading, eating various foods, lots of outdoor travel, and gazing at the stars.

More about Stacie Walker

Stacie Walker currently lives in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas with her family. Known as a success-driven entrepreneur, Stacie is the founder of Woman in Leadership LLC. Stacie adores working with professional leaders and entrepreneurs in the small business, home business, and online business industries. Her company offers valuable business building advice and marketing strategies to help improve the skill set of entrepreneurs in any industry. A top priority of Stacie is to provide a place for the novice or experienced entrepreneur, when they need a bit of inspiration, motivation, and business building advice. As an advocate for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Diabetes Association, Stacie believes in businesses being a part of the solution to the economic and health problems that personally affects each and every one of us. As an inspired woman of leadership, Stacie comments, "I absolutely love what I do. Every single day, I commit myself to be of service to people across the world. I think it is crucial to provide real value, in order to create stronger businesses, communities, and alliances." You will gain the priceless knowledge that is essential for being a successful entrepreneur in your business venture. You are not alone in your journey. For a bit of inspiration and online business advice, sign up today for your exclusive Woman in Leadership bi-monthly newsletter, at:

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