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Virtual Assistants: Best Practices

Many of you may already have a good idea about what a virtual assistant’s work is. However, to make sure we’re all on the same page with a common set of definitions, a virtual assistant is someone who’s working “virtually” or remotely. A virtual assistant usually works from home, typically supporting multiple clients with executive grade assistance by managing their schedules, key documents, task lists, and other types of important information. Virtual assistants work with corporate executives, vice presidents, or with anyone that has a busy schedule or needs assistance in managing their daily activities. A virtual assistant is a direct replacement for an in-office executive assistant and is therefore, a greater value to those utilizing these services because they don’t need to maintain an employee in-house.

Virtual assistants are usually entrepreneurial-minded and like to use cutting-edge Internet tools to run their business. The number one important tool for virtual assistants is collaboration software. Collaboration software really allows VAs to connect with their clients. It helps them to share information, edit documents, and communicate ideas in real time. Because there’s a shared online workspace, communication is centralized and easily navigated.

What are the benefits and advantages of collaboration software?

  • Gives you a professional edge/brand yourself
  • Special client and Intranet templates for running your VA business
  • Allows you to support multiple clients at once
  • Shared access to files, tasks and project status with clients from anywhere
  • Less email clutter
  • Track amount of time spent on client projects
  • Discussions and document revisions are logged online
  • It’s affordable
  • No IT hassle

Collaboration software has simplified the process of efficient and effective client/business management for virtual assistants. It delivers fast, efficient, reliable, and secure services and it’s quickly transforming the world of online collaboration.