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Want to Keep Your Job? Work It

Reading this at work? You’d better be batting your eyelashes and showing some more skin, ladies. It’s a man-eat-man workforce out there! If you’re not actively working to keep your job (and you might start by doing some real work!) you could be next in line to lose it.

According to a recent study done in the U.K., six out of ten workers worry they’ll be losing their jobs in 2009, which means they’re doing whatever it takes to keep ‘em—even if it means flirting with the boss. 

Forty percent of those polled said they’ve been playing by the rules. They’re clocking extra hours at the office. They’ve begun schmoozing with senior colleagues. They’re even sprucing up their work wardrobes to appear more professional. 

However, others have resorted to more desperate measures and your colleagues may be among them. Workers aren’t just sucking up to their bosses, anymore—they’re coming on to them! This technique may indeed be tried but is it true? Well, we can’t remember the last time someone at Seattle Grace Hospital was fired after inviting a superior to the on-call room, on Grey’s

Your bet is as good as ours on whether flirting with the boss will increase your job security—or the likelihood of a pink slip and a sexual harassment suit. Hopefully there will be more stats to come. In the meantime, the unemployment rate in the U.K. is expected to increase from its current ten-year high and eight percent of workers (in Gloucester, at least!) have said they’d be willing to flirt to keep their jobs. And who can blame ‘em? A wink here and there sure beats working overtime.

By Elizabeth Narins for YourTango

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