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The War for Talent

YOUR talent!

When I first entered the heady world of recruitment back in 1998, there was a massive war for talent.

Most of my working day was spent finding needle candidates in proverbial haystacks.

Candidates who would consider looking for a new job were hired very quickly. Typically, for a lot more money and the-then all important share options. Everyone wanted options!

I worked with job seekers who were trying to decide between eight job offers. If I got a new CV in the morning, I could almost guarantee that I would be able to arrange five+ highly-desirable-job interviews by the end of the day.

Then the bubble burst and overnight jobs were being lost and stock was worth less than toilet paper … the heady days were over, for the moment!

Since then there has always been a market for highly-skilled, highly-employable candidates. About five percent of the working population are always sought after. The people high up on headhunters and employers lists of people to call.

For the majority of people the working world has become an unstable, unpredictable place.

Companies making cuts. Redundancies. Downturns. Voluntary severance options. No one knows when their turn is coming. All they know is when the music stops, they’re out.

I’ve seen some of my clients fall foul to the redundancy knife on numerous occasions. It can be a downward spiral. You are made redundant, you find a new job, your new company make cuts, and you’re one of the last in so become one of the first out. So it goes on.

Imagine my delight to see that my clients are about to prosper again.

The war for talent is alive and well.

Rumour has it that it is heading your way some time soon…

The question is will you be ready?

Out of 1100 people asked, over half plan to grow their workforce this year. That is a lot of new jobs. That means more than the always-desirable five percent are going to be in demand. Your time is coming. That great job with exceptional benefits is now within your reach.

If you are among the sought after. Are you going to be getting the call?

If you want to know more about getting job search fit, watch out for our upcoming webinar…