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Welcome to the Dark Side: My Go-to Dish

British domestic goddess Nigella Lawson is my culinary Yoda. She’s beautiful, voluptuous, and sinfully skilled in the kitchen. I discovered her cookbook Feast when my mom and I were whipping up a traditional English Christmas dinner for our friends and family. She taught me how to roast a goose and make perfect roasted potatoes, but I’ll be forever indebted to her for my signature dessert: Guinness chocolate cake. 

I know what you’re thinking: “Beer and chocolate? Girlfriend must be craaazy!” But somehow, by the grace of God (or the Irish), the complex stout flavors meld with dark chocolate to make a moist, delicious gateau that literally melts on your tongue. It’s deceptively simple: a one-layer cake topped with frothy frosting. It even looks like a pint of Guinness straight from the tap. You could make a double-layer cake, but I think that takes away from its unassuming elegance. 

I should also mention that (blasphemy ahead) I’m not a chocolate person. I hate milk chocolate, and only the best dark chocolate tempts me. So maybe I’ll rename myself a chocolate snob; in my opinion, there’s nothing worse than a dry, mealy chocolate cake. The Guinness in this cake, however, lends a rich, nutty flavor that does a magnificent job of toning down the chocolaty sweetness while erasing any bitter beer flavor. Best of all, it takes forty-five minutes from start to finish. Easy and scrumptious? Where’s my springform pan? 

I use it for any occasion that calls for a drop-dead luscious cake: Thanksgiving, birthdays, when my boyfriend’s mad. Gloria Steinem might be appalled, but there’s nothing sexier than watching him devour every last bite (he prefers the no-frosting version). Nigella, you saved my kitchen … and my bedroom, too. 

Photo Source: robbplusjessie (cc) 

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