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What Are Your Daily Practices?

Lately, I really feel in tune and connected with this topic, perhaps because I have seen the most amazing results in my own life. I am very aware of the importance to my life of these daily practices, which I have consciously added to each day. What I have noticed, however, is how very few of us actually do any specific, conscious daily practices. Most times, in fact, I am asked what do I mean by that, anyway?

For each of us, daily practice is going to mean something different. In fact, I encourage each of you to pick that which best fits your personality, lifestyle, and desires. What works for one, does not for another.

The key is to have daily practices which enhance and enrich your life

For instance, when I asked my Mastermind group what they did daily, one of the members spoke about his daily meditation for which he does every morning upon waking, without fail. He does not give it up for anything or anyone. Yet for another member, her attempts at sitting quietly and meditating only caused frustration and anxiety. After only a few moments of sitting quietly she could hardly stand it. For her instead, there is a morning ritual she practices which begins her day and keeps her grounded.

So, what is a daily practice? It is, or can be, just about anything. The key factor in it is the quieting of the mind, letting go of the chatter, and listening to the deep, inner knowing that speaks to each and every one of us.

Someone asked me today if it was okay to leave on the radio while they did their practice. My answer to this was quite simply, no. There is a time and place for the chatter but it is not during our daily, committed time to our practice. It truly is best to have quiet. How can one even hear the still quiet voice within if there is other noise distracting us?

To help you get started, let’s talk about a few ideas you might consider for yourself. Remember, you want to do this daily, and it is best if the environment is conducive to quiet and solitude. This is NOT a group project; this is your very own practice which you share with no one. Consider some of the following:

As mentioned above, this practice may not be the best for some of you. Yet there may be some misconception of what meditation truly is. For many of us, we believe meditation is sitting quietly in silence, legs crossed, concentrating on our breathing. Breathe in, breathe out. Count the seconds in, count the seconds out. As thoughts enter that distract, you gently let them go. Most assuredly this is one form of meditation. However, you can also meditate while doing repetitive activities. One of my favorites is ironing. Okay, so most of you find that unappealing, yet the repetitive nature of ironing, requiring no true mental activity, is meditative. The action of the iron swishing back and forth, steam releasing, is truly hypnotizing. Notice those things that you may do that are of the same nature—washing dishes (yes, by hand!), vacuuming, washing the car, dusting, walking, running, giving yourself a manicure, or even giving your dog a massage! Any of those activities can be turned into a meditative practice. The idea is to quiet the mind, listen to the guidance within.


A daily practice that I did for years upon waking was journaling. I would read a motivating, daily scripture (not necessarily faith-based, although it can be) and then I would use that as a jumpstart for my own journaling. Although you can simply just start writing, letting the wisdom from within guide you. Or possibly pick a key question, and see what comes of the answer as you write.

Dream Mapping
The practice of dream mapping is to visualize that which you desire in life, whether that be a thing or event or whether it be a feeling. The desire is your own personal creation. You then page through magazines and cut out words, colors, and pictures which speak to you on this desire. The key here is to NOT question yourself. Just pick things that speak to you. Cut them out and make a lovely collage of those things.

Most certainly the practice of prayer is as old as the planet itself. This is a practice that many of us have taken on at some point in our lives. Quite often as a result of some form of religious education. Again, it does not matter whether you are involved with any particular religion, prayer is still a very powerful daily practice.

Ask a Question
This is one of my most favorite practices in which you quiet your mind, just as you are going to bed at night. Let your mind clear and just as you drift off to sleep, ask your inner knowing a question. This is the most powerful time to get an answer, a true answer, since your mind and ego rest at night and the divine is fully present. Most often as you wake the next day the answer is present for you. Of course, it can be a rather obscure answer, so be sure to ask that the answer be clear to you as you drift off to sleep. As you can see, these are just a few ideas to begin your journey. Find that practice which works best for you. If one way does not feel right to you, then try another. Do not give up. The idea is to enjoy this practice. It is not meant to be torturous or boring.

The Real Secret
The real SECRET to this whole thing is how it affects your money. Amazingly enough it is one of the most powerful practices you can take on to attract money into your life. In fact, it is what I ask of many of my clients so that they can then relax around the concerns of their money. After all, money is energy and if you are fretting, sweating, or anxious about it, there is no way for the joyous prosperity that is yours to enter. Most often we want to get right to the DOING of money care-taking, and yet the best thing to do first is your daily practice. THEN when you are fully grounded and at peace, you are ready to begin on the practical steps to money management.