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What to Do If Your Car Is Recalled

Automobiles, with their many working parts, are susceptible to faults and now more than ever have we become aware of the seriousness of their nature. With the many recalls currently taking place globally, it’s important to know what to do, should your vehicle be affected.

What is a recall?
A recall occurs when a manufacturer or third party decides that a product has a fault serious enough to cause harm to consumers. It is then barred from distribution until the problem has been fixed and tested.

How to find out if your car has been recalled?
Customers can be informed in a variety of ways that a recall has been issued on a product they own. For vehicles, most manufacturers contact the owners directly since their information is readily available. News outlets may also report on the recall, and many times dealerships will send notifications directly to their customers.

What to do?
As you’d expect, getting a recall notification isn’t exactly great news. However if you act promptly, you’ll be able to ensure your safety. Once you hear word of a recall for you make and model, you should contact either your dealership or the manufacturer for the quickest solution, and as it’s an official recall, any repairs will be free of charge.

For the future.
DriverSide has a fantastic service that is free of charge. The service allows you to sign up to receive information on recalls specific to your car, so you never have to worry if that recall you heard about in the news applies to you. With all the information you need sent to you in an email, you’ll be able to act quickly to avoid potential harm to you and your family. You can also view current recall alerts for any make and model if you’re just car shopping.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks all recalls and issues technical service bulletins, and is an excellent source for recall information. Visit the NHTSA website for more information on recalls.

Originally published on DriverSide