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What to Do When Presented with a Bottle of Wine

So, you’ve confidently ordered the wine for the table and the waiter presents the bottle to you. Your tablemates eagerly look to you. But haven’t you done enough? Here’s how to masterly finish the job in three quick steps. 

1. Check It Out
Make sure the bottle is actually what you ordered. Make sure you have the right winery/producer, vintage (year), grape, and region.

2. Give It a Swirl
Your waitress or sommelier will pour a small amount of the wine in your glass. Give it a vigorous swirl (there’s little fear of spilling here since it’s such a small amount).

3. Get Your Nose into the Game
Now smell the wine. As long as it doesn’t smell like old cardboard, musty basement, or vinegary, nod your head and thank the sommelier. She’s not looking for a lengthy discussion on the wine. She just wants to make sure it’s not “corked” or tainted in some way. You don’t even need to take a sip of the wine, although you’re more than welcome to in order to get a better sense on the wine.

By the way, the cork may be presented to you. Do yourself a favor and just set it on the table. You can’t tell much from smelling it or squeezing it. 

Originally published on SwirlEvents

Photo courtesy of SwirlEvents