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What Does Your Car Reveal About You?

Cars: the mere topic can send most men and women into their fantasy speeding down the open road in their dream vehicle. There are thousands of options out there in different makes, models, sizes, colors, speeds, and qualities. Each man with their own unique car-of-their-dreams differs from the next. Have you ever noticed that cars can really “suit” their drivers? This is because people pick out things they fancy based on their personality. It’s what appeals to their totality of qualities, traits, character, and behaviors. We use it every day when making decisions about our home, work, decor, fashion, style, and yes ... our car. Our personality is reflected in everything around us. So, what does your car reveal about you?

There are usually two dominant characteristics that stand out in each person’s vehicle and personality type. One characteristic in particular will probably be quite dominant, while you may recognize yourself in another.

While I cannot list all of the different makes and models of cars, I will be talking about the lines and curves of the vehicle instead (which interesting enough ... will be similar to the drivers themselves!)

If you have a car that is striking, sophisticated, bold, glamorous … usually defined by sleek lines that are sharp, angular, and severe and with bold coloring and luxurious (i.e. sports cars ... think Diablo or Ferrari); you are a most likely a dramatic personality type. You’re someone that values prosperity, success, independence, and you’re a risk taker. You appreciate the jet set like and are often seen in metropolitan areas with the beautiful and rich. You become bored easily. You like to be on the cutting edge of things. Your fashion-forward and extreme, you tend to be noticed. You appreciate high-quality. You’re most likely an entrepreneur, an executive, or entertainer. You’re often motivated by wealth and prestige and love food that is gourmet or exotic. For you, only first class will do. You prefer to drink premier liquor straight up or on the rocks. Your home is most likely a place to be seen in rather than, “live” in and has clean lines that are sparse with the minimum of furnishings. Your place is spotless because of the cleaning person you have on a regular basis.

If your car is long, tall, wide, informal and comfortable, a larger front and has a sophisticated look with an air of elegance and poise (i.e. think Range rover) you may have and aristocratic or elegant personality type. You most likely look like you come from old money. You enjoy a higher quality lifestyle and have friends that often like visiting you. Quality is key and is never overlooked. You like to invest in the things you purchase. Your clothing is usually tailored, comfortable and a bit “sporty” looking (think Tommy Hilfiger) and you love trousers with sweaters and jackets. Your walk is hard and long. You’re probably highly educated and your career can be along the lines of something medical, science oriented, or in the field of math. You love things like horseback riding, walking the dogs, reading and conversations that captivate you for hours. You’re motivated by achievement. You enjoy being active and travelling to northern European countries. Your house is spacious with antiques, rugs, and comfortable sofas with paintings above them.

If you have a car that has the look of being carefree, casual, practical, and grounded (think pick—up truck) you probably have a natural personality type. You most likely have the guy or girl next door look to you. There is more straightness in your face than softness. You’re someone that doesn’t take kindly to authority and likes to be free and do things your own way. Material possessions are not a top priority to you as much as ethics and ecology. You value authenticity, nature, and freedom. Your fashion is normally pretty casual and comfortable; jeans and t-shirts are the order of the day. You like natural woven fabrics and are proud of any bargains that you find. Your house is normally in a state of disarray, though you’ll do a “surface clean” for any company that might be coming over. Your visitors may have to watch for dog or cat hair on the sofas. You most likely want to back pack across Europe and prefer areas that are off the beaten track. You like homes that are rustic with lots of wood and antiques. You probably have a garden that is wild. You drink beer—straight out of the bottle.

If your car is regular and proportioned, yet also refined (think BMW or Mercedes) you are most likely a classic personality type. This means, you are poised, gracious and are meticulously groomed. Your favorite activities are keeping clean, keeping things clean, keeping things organized, and gardening (keeping the weeds out). Things are done properly with you. You value efficiency, organization, good manners, good taste, culture, safety, comfort and control. Your clothing is often understated, elegant, and beautifully tailored. When casual, you still looked dressed up. Your home would be in a typical “white picket fence” community with everything immaculate inside your home; guests take their shoes off at the door. You most likely have a china cabinet inside. The furniture and decor is traditional, and classic.

If your car is short, curved, youthful, fresh, and animated looking (i.e. most Volkswagen vehicles—especially the bug) then you are a creative personality type. You’re someone that has a very youthful appearance. You tend to be spiritual and often have your head in the clouds as daydreaming is a constant pastime of yours. For this reason, you can be absent minded and get lost easily. You like clothing that is distinctive, off beat and can handle clothing that is not ordinary. You are particular in what you wear and are always well groomed. For a career; artist, designer or something else creative suits you best. You love to mediate, write, sing, make music, and read. You’re highly intuitive and find anything to do with business and numbers scary. You value creativity, alternative lifestyles, individuality, mysticism, and solitude. You’re motivated by self expression. You love travel, although you do most of it in your imagination. Your home is one that is full of character and clutter, books, and trinkets. Your favorite drink is anything fruity.

If your car is vintage, rounded, luxurious, and welcoming; then you’re a romantic personality. You are sophisticated, warm, flirtatious, and welcoming. You’re motivated by your relationships with others, and enjoy being of service to people. You are lavish in your attention and affection for people. You enjoy fine dining, luxe fabrics, and lavish surroundings. Your fashion is luxurious, elaborate and feels wonderful. Romantic always use their senses with shopping ... they want the clothing to feel good, it’s important. You value family, friends, pampering, service, beauty and luxury. You are happiest at home although an industry that allows you to take care of others would be appropriate for you. You may own a restaurant and love cooking. Your home is in a prestigious neighborhood and may look like a showcase inside, although it’s actually, quite comfortable. Your favorite drink is martinis and champagne.