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What Economic Crisis?

Do What You Love
When you are doing something that takes you into what Deepak Chopra calls “Timeless Awareness,” you will get supercharged and not think about time or money. It will bring you internal satisfaction that transcends the fleeting negative feelings that come with thinking about money or the lack-thereof.

Partner with a Non-Profit
Giving back has actually led to quantum leap in my success, because when you partner with a charitable cause, you now have an entire database and media presence behind you. It is like aligning yourself with the waves of the ocean, rather than just being a small trickling of water that comes out of your bathroom faucet.

Recession-Proof Marketing
My business is to teach authors how to bring their book to life through self-publishing and how to reach bestseller status through a no-low cost strategy, which seems to be a recession-proof marketing strategy. You can acquire wealth on the internet via Joint Venture partnerships no matter how bleak the economy may seem!

Concentrate on the Missing Link to the Secret
One of the missing secrets is: what you are is what you eat. In other words, transform your body into its most glorious self through natural foods and you will be radiating energy and beauty that will attract a multitude of abundance that will flow your way like a magnetic ocean. It will also keep your mind focused and you will feel encouraged as you make progress toward your body image goals.

Practice the Seventh Spiritual Law of Success
The quickest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. Be an open, loving, kindhearted person and the world will reflect that back to you, tenfold! You will learn to concentrate on things other than the material, but you might be surprised when things turn around for you on that front as well.