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What is a Good Store?

We all like to shop, right? Well, maybe not. But at some point of our lives, all of us will need to. Either for groceries, clothes, medications, whatever.

Let’s face it—shopping is a necessity.

And we all need places to fulfill our need to shop. Store, pharmacies, markets.

But today, I’ll focus on stores and what makes a good store.

And no, I’m not talking about a store with lots of good products at fair prices (though it is desirable). I’m talking about places that make us comfortable, not stalked.

I have to make a confession here: I feel really bad going to those stores where the salesperson follows you like a shadow. And also on those stores where the salesperson is hiding among the racks like an undercover agent.

Both situations make the potential client uncomfortable.

The first one is in the form of a lack of liberty to walk around the store and see what has to be seen.

And the second is in the form of a lack of the necessary support for questions and doubts, like “does it come in purple?”

So, are customers impossible to please?

No. Don’t despair, dear salesmen and women.

It is possible to please your customer.

You just have to find a balance.

Greet the customer, offer to help, hand him/her a store card with your name on it and stay on sight for him/her to reach out in case of needing help or deciding for a purchase.

I must add that I’m not saying this as a salesperson, which I’m not.

I’m just a customer who really wants to have a happy shopping experience.

And you, dear salesperson, can provide me - and everyone else - just that.

I know you can.