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What “I Love Lucy” Teaches Us About PR

“I Love Lucy,” a 1950s American sitcom, brought comic relief into many homes and continues to do so today. Besides laughter, the television show has also provided a few lessons that can be applied to public relations. 

Humor is good. Depending on the situation, adding a little humor to your press releases, newsletters, articles, videos, etc. can improve your communications with your audience. It allows the audience to view you as human and a person or company they can relate to.

Don’t do anything for publicity. In “I Love Lucy,” Lucy will do about anything to break into showbiz. Her actions often have embarrassing outcomes. Be creative with your publicity opportunities, but make sure the attention you receive garners positive results.

Have a crisis communications plan. Often times, Lucy got mixed up in a bad situation that she needed help getting out of. A solid crisis communications plan can lead you out of a bad situation with the goal that your business will recover from it.

Build strong relationships. The friendship between the Ricardos and Mertzs is unlike no other. They are loyal to each other and truly enjoy spending time together. It is important you have strong relationships with your employees, colleagues, vendors, or clients to help your business be successful.

Honesty is the best policy. When Lucy gets into trouble she must always come clean to her husband Ricky. Businesses need to be honest about the mistakes they make and admit their faults. The public will understand and respect you more for the efforts you make to fix the problem instead of denying or covering it up.