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What It Is to Be a Nurse

For me the characteristics of a nurse, or as a nurse, one must posses or develop personal leadership skills, interpersonal skills knowledge about the issue, passion, energy and commitment. As a future nurse I am speaking here as provider of health that we must not allow any kind of negligence for it is not an excuse. We deal with people’s lives. Whatever field we may choose or have chosen it is our responsibility to give care and share knowledge whole heartedly. Nurses work as patient advocate for the care and recovery of the sick and maintenance of the healthy.

Nursing is a no easy task. Like what I just said, this profession deals not just with people but with their lives. One must be responsible, intelligent, and must have the patience to its full extent. In whatever one will do, he or she is responsible for whatever actions he or she does. That is why as a nurse we should always be careful as an advocate for patients. That for me requires sustained action with multiple players and needs to be well planned. In fact, for me there are a number of important facets of advocacy which include; be always focused and relevant, be clear about what you are advocating for, establish common themes and messages do not stray from your message, make it local and keep it relevant.

There are no rooms for negligence or errors. But as the statement goes we are only humans; we too commit mistakes. But in whatever line we choose, a nurse’s role is to alleviate, minimize, prevent illness, and promote health. This journal that I have read is an eye opener for everyone. It shows how important one nurse can change the world and how vital nursing characteristics are. We live and die but in betweens we choose, greater evil or greater good. The point is in every action there’s an equal or opposite reaction. We must always be aware of the things we do because in the end we are the one who will regret. We are born rational; we must be competent enough to balance things to avoid unnecessary outcomes.
That is why being in this profession it requires not only knowledge and skills but also a character that is always in big emphasis. If you are caring with all your heart, focused, helpful dedicated and committed to what you are doing then i can say you are in the right path and that you can say, “I am in the right place. Love yourself, love your work and it will love you back. You are what you think of your self. Life is essential since we deal with it we our character is our virtue. Bottom line is what we are is God’s gift to us, what we become is our gift to God.