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What Profession Matches Your Personality?

Have you ever wondered why someone perceives things so much differently than you do? Or why someone seems to be victimized when others are not? Or why another person might handle a situation completely differently than you would have? Maybe you’ve wondered why some people always seem to make lemonade out of lemons while others get depressed when life hands them lemons.

The answer is personality styles and there are four main ones. Although we are born with a default personality style and a secondary style, as we have life experiences, we develop characteristics of all four while maintaining our dominant and secondary ones. I think you’ll see this explains much of life as you know it.

Easy to get along with, good listener, has many friends, is not exciting, judges others, indecisive, avoids responsibility, quiet, follower, team player, doesn’t want to be the leader, stays in the background, never wants to offend anyone, say what they think you want to hear to make you happy, difficult to tell if they are telling the truth.

Possible Professions:
psychologists, teachers, nurses


Always want details, needs time to think before deciding, must be right, non-emotional, can be thought of as cold, doesn’t really like social situations, good listener, great organizer, planner, critical of others, skeptical of compliments, dislikes those who don’t agree, can solve problems of others, faithful and devoted.

Possible Professions: administrators, planners, accountants, computer operators

Leader, blunt and bossy, can do everything better, knows everything, is usually right, may be right but unpopular, possessive of friends, gets things done no matter what, is too independent, has little need for friends, decisive, doesn’t dilly dally, effective, goal oriented, innovative, can’t say “I’m sorry,” enjoys arguments and controversy.

Possible Professions: engineers, banking, law 

Outgoing, talks a lot, life of the party, laughs a lot, jumps in with both feet, makes friends easily, hates to be alone, wants to be popular, interrupts and often doesn’t listen, forgetful, apologizes quickly, spontaneous, exaggerates, enthusiastic, fast decisions, too happy for some, gets angry easily, needs to be center stage

Possible Professions: artistic, heads of corporations, entrepreneurs

It should be obvious to you that the most vulnerable personality types are amiable and expressive. Amiables want to please everyone, are quieter, like to “blend in” and avoid attention for the most part. Expressives jump in with both feet, rarely checking things out beforehand.

Remember that each of us has characteristics of all four types and develop more of them to get along well with others, do well in a certain job capacity or to stay safe. For example, as an Expressive Driver, I have purposely become more analytical and check things out before I do them. So now I jump in with one foot instead of two until I’ve done my due diligence.

By Kelly Rudolph for Excelle