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What Really Matters to You?

In our fast-paced society, it is paramount to have your own unique definition of success. For one individual success could mean accomplishing predetermined goals. For another success might be conquering old mindsets that are unproductive to personal growth and development. Ultimately, success is a state of mind in which one chooses to embrace consistently throughout each day.

In order to balance work/life one must set aside valuable time each day to reflect on individual goals and dreams. This time of introspection will require raw honesty. Often women who have an enormous amount of leadership responsibilities find it quite challenging to switch from work to play mode. A commitment to self before any other commitments is critical to your sustained mental, emotional, and physical well being. In the words of Jim Rohn, “When I change, everything changes.” We must endeavor to change that which is not producing optimal results in our lives.

The steps for any businesswoman who wants to move to the next level of success will vary based on past performance, present status, and future aspirations. It is critical to assess and define what next level success means to you specifically? Clarity is vital. Does next level mean taking your current client base from 100 to 250? Increasing annual revenue by $100,000? After determining the goal, one must ascertain the plan to achieve it. Whose assistance will be vital in accomplishing this goal? What is the decided timeline for attaining this goal? Are the established goals realistic? It is easy to set goals, but the commitment to constantly review and fulfill them in order to keep momentum from dissipating is key.

Our present economic environment is ripe with opportunities for the enterprising businesswoman. The challenges of this hour will act as a catalyst to inspire new entrepreneurs to come from behind the shadows of obscurity and rise like a phoenix from the ashes of failure. America in particular is a country that is known for producing innumerable champions who rise to the call of greatness while defying the impenetrable odds stacked against them.