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What You Are Worth: Online Salary Tools

Ever wonder how your salary holds up next to other employees’ in the same, or even a different, field?

MainStreet compiled a few sites that can help you assess, analyze, and even compare your paycheck to others.

It may motivate you, or it may just leave you in awe, but it’s worth checking out. See who the top earners in Hollywood are and just how much they have in their (many) accounts. Forbes’ Celebrity 100 includes the total earnings for celebs like Steven Spielberg and 50 Cent, as well as authors Dan Brown and J.K. Rowling just to name a few.

This online gadget assesses how much your base salary can potentially cover in different areas of the country. Compare cost of living between places like Mobile, Alabama or Portland, Oregon, and calculate your net change in disposable income.

Salary Timer
Ever wonder how your hourly wages compare to say, Adam Sandler’s? Now you can find out. Input your base salary and bonuses at, and compare it to the bank accounts of big time earners like Elton John, Tiger Woods, and of course, Oprah Winfrey. See how long (or how quickly) it takes one of them to earn your salary.

Full-Time Civilian Workers
Take a look at the average earnings for full-time civilian workers such as human resources managers, architects, and civil engineers. The data was collected by Bureau of Labor Statistics between December 2006 and January 2008.

Full-Time Private Industry Workers
The BLS also collected data for full-time private industry workers under the same professions. The data covers mean and median hourly, weekly, and annual earnings. Click here to view.

Some sites provide information for specific fields, like engineering. This one features salary data, taking details into account like years since obtaining a baccalaureate degree. For example, an engineer earning $60,000 after graduation can potentially make $100,000 10 years later.

From Florida to Alaska,, delivers information on average salaries earned by teachers in each state from information gathered from the 2002-2003 school year. Also, check out information obtained this month on According to the data acquired from 34,892 teachers, special education teachers working in secondary schools are the highest earners among k-12 schoolteachers, earning an average of $42,493 a year. Click here for more details.

By Sean Leviashvili MainStreet