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What’s Blocking You from Having the Things You Want?

As moms, we all know that “patience” is very important with our children. Many a day we truly lose patience with everything that’s going on because of the stress we put ourselves under.

Have you lost your patience with your financial situation, your life, your career? In this economy, the answer is likely to be “yes” to one or all three. Are you treating your goals and dreams like a misbehaving child or annoying co-worker? Someone you’re angry with and just want to ignore because your patience has “hit the limit”?

Patience is a guide for us to let us know if we have goals that are good for us or if we have goals that are not healthy for us.

Here’s how it works:

The evidence or clue that you have a wrong goal or a harmful goal is anger. If you become angry that things aren’t working out the way you want them to take a close look at your goal.

Where does anger come from? Anger is rooted in impatience. When you become angry, you are impatient with the how things are going. 

If your goal is rooted in truth and love, it will be a goal that is good for you and you will have the patience to see this goal to fruition. If your goal is rooted in fear, you will become impatient with how things are going, feel angry, and stressed.

When your goal is based in truth and love and it doesn’t happen the way you want it, you’re not going to get angry because your entire experience is being fed by the truth and by love. You’re not pursuing the goal for the results, you’re experiencing it because you want to experience truth and love.

Truth and love is about the process. It’s about doing what is truthful and loving for yourself and those around you. It’s about living in the now and not the results.

Impatience that breeds anger is a warning bell that your goal is driven by fear and fear blocks us from having what we want. 

Remember to be patient with yourself. Move towards your financial goals with love. And enjoy the process.