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What's a Mom Worth?

I hate those articles that pop up from time to time, designed to “calculate” what a stay at home mom would be worth if it was a paid gig. 

It’s an absurd comparison designed to make stay at home moms feel justified. (Not saying I haven’t been there, just saying its absurd!)

“Look!” they can shout to their husbands, who clearly aren’t displaying adequate appreciation. “Since I put a band aid on little Steven’s knee, that equates to two minutes of “nurse salary” which is whatever.”

Or “I helped Susie with her spelling words for ten minutes, which is the equivalent of xx teacher pay.”

Obviously that’s ludicrous. If you are a stay at home mom and really want to find out what you are worth (cold hard cash, not snuggly kissy mommy currency), ask your husband how much life insurance he has on you.

Husband and I were discussing bills the other night and he mentioned he had paid both life insurance premiums. The kids were eager to know what life insurance was, so we explained.

 Of course the next question was “Why do you have life insurance on MOM?” Rather than launch into a dissertation of the high cost of childcare and someone has to do your laundry and feed you, I said “Eh, dad will need money to woo your new mom.” And with that … conversation over.

They say that a mom’s salary is pathetic but the perks are fantastic. I’ll totally agree with that!! 

But at the end of the day, the financially wise among us will ensure BOTH parents.