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When Do You Use Robotic Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are everywhere, from office buildings to homes. They provide passage for heating and cooling and for the most part, we don’t think much about them until something goes wrong. However, regular cleaning is a necessity and that is now easier with robotic duct cleaning.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts
Over time, the ducts in a home or office will build up residue, dust, mites and bacteria. These nasties get sent up into our air, causing a number of health issues, ranging from mild allergies to more severe colds and congestion. The good news is that these can easily be prevented by simply cleaning the ducts on a regular basis.

The usual procedure for duct cleaning is to take a vacuum and a whip that spins, knocking debris loose with flying rubber arms while the vacuum picks up the dust and bits of dirt. This is effective for getting rid of large chunks of debris and also for removing blockages. However, there are still areas that this type of cleaning will miss, particularly corners and cracks or joins in the pipes.

Robotic Duct Cleaning
During the 1980s, when air quality first became a concern, cleaning companies used video cameras to show people just what was going on inside their air ducts and to prove that they were really dirty and needed to be cleaned. The video cameras were mounted on robotic devices that allowed them to be moved through the air ducts.

These days, that same technology allows for deep cleaning of the ducts. Where the regular method uses air-powered whips that tend to leave areas untouched, the robotic cleaners are far more effective in getting the little reached areas. They are built with a number of rotating brushes that can be moved to reach and clean any size of aid duct. The advantage of this is that these brushes actually get into cracks and remove the dirt and bacteria embedded there, something that the regular cleaning equipment usually can’t do.

While brushing out the dirt, these robotic duct cleaning machines are also vacuuming it up, so there’s very little excess dust. Another advantage of the robotic devices is that they also have video cameras so the operator can see exactly what areas need to be cleaned and how well the device is working.

Robotic duct cleaning is usually much more efficient and faster than the older method of cleaning and while not all companies offer this yet, it is often faster and cheaper to use a robot and the entire duct system is often completed in just one day.