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When I Write My First Official Blog...

When I write my first official blog post, I believe that it will focus on a rant spawned by a business women’s leadership luncheon I attended last week. My post-lunch assignment was to “figure out your true calling in life.” Apparently, therein lies the ultimate secret to becoming the ultimate woman leader.

If I just follow my calling … Well … if I only could find my calling, I would surely follow it down any brick road.

... My calling?

Not sure that I have one. People call me. Are people my calling? Throughout high school, peanut M&Ms and Bar None were calling me daily for lunch. Nachos called me after school. (So was his partner, Cheddar Cheese.) But, alas, I never found my calling. In college, I got a cell phone so I did a lot of calling. After college, I got a job where I called clients a lot and clients called me. But a calling I never found. So I left that job to find my true calling.

The last five years I’ve had the privilege of answering to the calling of Mom. And within this half decade (Wow!), I have truly had splatters of clarity on the otherwise very mucky slate of my mind. I’ve had days where I thought being a mom was calling enough.

But here I was, sitting at that lunch last week. Lynda, with her magenta leather jacket, Public Speaker Extraordinaire, prompted me once again to wring my brain out in search of my calling. So while I wait to write my first blog entry, I am frantically searching.