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When it Is Time to Say Goodbye

You’ve tried so hard to make something work.

For years you’ve struggled to convince yourself that you can “make do” with what you have or settle for less than what you want.

Yet now you’ve arrived at a point where you can no longer deny it’s time to say goodbye…

  • To the career or to the job that no longer fits who you are and, which has ceased to nourish you.
  • To the relationship you’ve outgrown but are still holding onto out of fear of being alone or for financial security.
  • To whatever inaccurate beliefs you have held about yourself that have limited your experience of life.

Because the truth is that even though saying goodbye hurts, staying where you are is simply no longer an option. You’ve grown and changed beyond where the relationship, job or career can support you.

And your spirit, which knows no sense of lack or limitation, is urging you step into a more expansive life and larger experience of yourself. It’s urging you not to be afraid but to step forward confidently because you understand that your desire to be or to have more is simply your inner potential wanting to express itself.

Trust your spirit … your desire … your potential.

Believe that you can create a life that is “more you” or a “better fit”.

Then say goodbye to that which no longer serves you and watch as your empty life fills with love; your purpose reveals itself; and your desire manifests into the dream you now begin to live.