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Who Says Being Laid Off Is a Bad Thing?

Most people dread being fired or laid off. For me, I knew it would happen eventually. I prepared for it to the best of my ability and when it happened, I walked out with a renewed sense of hope.

Life after a layoff is amazing. I was only out of work for five weeks and I recently started working for a local non-profit organization. I couldn’t be happier. I leave my assignments at work and I have no stress. People say I was lucky to find a job so quickly in this insane economy. I certainly feel lucky. I like my new job. It’s non-profit so I’m not making nearly what I was in the corporate world, but I know I’ll do just fine. 

Recently, some of my former co-workers found me on Facebook and LinkedIn and if I didn’t already have a huge ego, I sure do now. The first person to find me told me life isn’t the same without me there and that they miss me. How special do I feel hearing that?

The next person to find me was a former customer contact that asked me if I had any interest in returning to the industry. He reiterated that if I was interested, he had a job for me (in Oklahoma). Regardless of the location, I am extremely proud of myself for the impressions I made on people to have them seek me out to offer me future employment.

There was always a joke that when you leave the company I worked for, life is better on the outside. I am living proof that life is wonderful on the outside. I’ll never say I won’t go back to corporate America or that particular industry because who knows what will happen. But I will say that right now, I am the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. There is nowhere to go but up from here.

Who knows, maybe I have a future in Oklahoma?