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Who’s Your Daddy?

Money; love it or hate it there are very few of us who can leave it. Your attitude toward money can mean a lot about your relationship with it. And isn’t attitude and perception the ultimate way you experience life after all? 

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with currency. Loving it when you have it and hating it when it seems to elude you and never quite cover all the bills (much less that trip to Paris you’ve been dreaming about). But there are some important things I think you should do to work on your relationships with money. Just like any relationship, when the fit is right it will feel confident, natural, easy and fun. Would any of those words describe the way you feel about money right now? 

If not, read on! 

You’ve been in relationships before that were hard work, tedious and you felt pain by being involved. If you didn’t enjoy those experiences in your love life, why do you settle for them in your financial life? 

Here are some tips to make money fun again. And remember, the more fun you have and the better your attitude about something is, the better off your experience is going to be. 

1. Communicate!
Great relationships need communication to survive. How are you communicating with your money? Do you know where it is? Would you settle for a partner who didn’t check in with you for days or weeks or (shock and gasp!) months on end? Then why do you need take some time to sit down with your finances and get a clear understanding of where you and your money are and where you’re headed. Planning and communication are essential for any blissful relationship!

2. You make loving fun!
It’s not just a Fleetwood Mac lyric, it should be your approach to finances and your career. If you continue to choose jobs for money only, at the cost of your health, your personal relationships, a little fun and a well balanced life, you may have more money in the short run but in the long run you’re headed for a crash! Your career and job should back up what you say you stand for and you love. If this means selling some of your nice things to start at a lower paying position in an industry you’ve always wanted to be in—do it! Remember step one, to properly plan and communicate with your money before doing so—but a make an action plan to earn money doing what you love. You should be leaving work at least four days out of five saying, “Oh my God I love my job!” I do. Every day. Seriously, sickening? If you think so you probably need this step more than any of the others. And that leads me to step three …

3. Who’s Your Daddy?
There is a great quote about not putting your lover on a pedestal because you provide him/her a god like status. And the trouble with a god is they can be incredibly bounteous and giving, or they can become cruel and punishing at a moments notice. So how are you treating your money? Is it respecting and reciprocating a healthy understanding of you, working for you and with you like any great relationship? Or have you put money on a pedestal like a god to be worshipped and groveled before? We all need money yes. But how many of your career, relationship, health, sleep and nutrition decisions are being made based solely on money instead of on enjoyment, balance and fun? Is money your daddy? Smacking you on the ass as you head out the door for another seventeen hour day at the job you hate so you can keep yourself in good standing with the Joneses? Or are you keeping your relationship with money on equal footing and proper balance, keeping in mind that it should always be enhancing your life, not ruling it. If you are giving up love, well being and joy all for the sake of more money—it begs the question in this consumption driven culture of ours, “how much is enough?” and warrants an answer to the even more important question, “what makes you happy?”