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I am a nursing student about to go into my first level of clinicals and I’m thirty-two. Okay, so I’m not old right, but I have to track down my shot records, which had seemingly disappeared into thin air. I was freaking out. If I didn’t have the shot records, I would not be allowed to go to clinicals. Again, I’m thirty-two ... so ... what am I to do. I’m quite certain that my pediatrician is no longer in practice or perhaps has died from old age because he wasn’t young when I went. (I don’t think he was anyway, I don’t remember that well because I was very young.) Anyway, I have looked through every thing in my house, called my mom, called my mother-in-law and checked the cdc Web site. Any luck there? No! 

So, in desperation, I called my high school. To give you a little background here, I attended that school from 1991–1992 for my freshman year and I was home schooled for the last three years of high school so I am thinking there is no way they’ll still have them. So I call and speak to Tina, who I probably know and she says she’ll have to call me back. At this point, my stomach starts to hurt. I have already spoken to the nursing school who should have a copy of the shots from when I was in the nursing program in 2003 but she says they probably don’t still have them ... oh, head is hurting now too. However, a few minutes later, my phone rings and it’s the high school … THEY HAVE MY SHOT RECORDS! I can’t believe it but I am thrilled and somewhat shocked! I mean, that was a long time ago, longer than I really care to admit but too late, I did! So, I proceed to leave my mom a voicemail, call my hubby and call my mother-in-law to let them know the good news. Everyone was pretty excited and somewhat shocked, as was I. Really, after seventeen years they still have my shot records, now folks, that is awesome! Medical offices only have to keep records for ten years so I figured that my high school records had been destroyed I mean really, how long do schools have to keep their records? I don’t care though, mine are found! Hallelujah.

So, now that I can continue on my little journey of nursing school, I am starting to stress again ... I have a test next Monday and I’ve only had one class in pharmacology, which is the study of drugs. There isn’t going to be a ton of information on the test, it’s only over three chapters, one of which I have read but need to reread because it was somewhat redundant. It was also information that I have a pretty good grasp of because it’s mostly the anatomy and physiology and the process that drugs take when they go through our bodies. It’s fairly basic stuff but it seems overwhelming, as it always does, at the first of the semester. I am thinking about clinicals and care plans, like all the other students...why can’t they just give us a break? HAHA! This is nursing school, there are no breaks, but that’s a good thing because you don’t want an incompetent nurse right? I am going to one of the top ranked associate degree nursing programs in the state of Texas. It’s a great school & I am getting a great education. I am not worried about taking my state boards because they have such a high pass rate. Plus, thank goodness, I am a good test taker. I have had to learn how to take nursing tests because they are so different than any other tests out there but they are helping us with that too. They are already preparing us to take state boards. That started last semester & I am really grateful for that. They definitely have policies and procedures that I think are stupid but at least I am mature enough, and I use the term mature loosely here, to know that I have to do what they say whether I like it or not. Honestly, I don’t know if its maturity or a dogged determination to finish this program come hell or high water but whatever works.

So, now that I am armed with my shot records, I still have to get a copy of my current TB test and my hepatitis B series and I have to get another tetanus shot. WHAT?! I don’t want to get another tetanus shot, those hurt like a son of a gun! My last tetanus shot was when I was seventeen and I still remember how sore my arm was. Now before you start judging me, go have one, they HURT! Of course, they tell you that your arm will be sore ... they just don’t tell you how sore. Not only that but that affects everyone differently so it might be more painful for me than for you, okay? I have a relatively high pain tolerance but I don’t want to feel that kind of pain, it just sucks. And yes, I remember that pain as clear as the day I had the shot fifteen years ago thank you. Pain is something not easily forgotten. Perhaps I remember it because of the circumstances that I had to get the shot in, I don’t know but I do remember it. (If you’re curious, I stepped on a toothpick that went about half way into the ball of my foot.) I don’t know, it sucks though and I feel like whining about it ... but I have to stop. I need to start studying so toodeloo!