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Why Business and Personal Have to Mix

We’ve all heard that saying before: keep your personal life out of the office and leave your work at work. I don’t know about you, but that never really worked for me.

I tried to separate the two. I really did. I just never did it that well.

I know some of you out there are much better at compartmentalizing things than I am. But doesn’t it take a lot of energy to keep your life so separate?

When you’re going to a job day in and day out that you don’t love, that makes you wonder what’s the point of working so hard? That is difficult to deal with, you end up using immense amounts of energy in trying to simply tolerate it.

So between separating you from your work and tolerating a job you don’t love, think about how much this is costing you.

Work is meant to give you an outlet to express who you really are as a person. There is not supposed to be such a huge disconnect between your personal self and your business self.

When your work is an expression of who you naturally are life becomes much easier. It doesn’t mean you won’t work hard or face challenges. You will! It simply means that WHO you are and WHAT you do are in harmony. And when your WHO and WHAT are in harmony, life flows. Things feel easier. You feel fulfilled. You wake up each day looking forward to what is to come. You start really living.

What’s it worth to you to live a life where your work and play go hand in hand?

Be honest.

Will you decide to do whatever it takes to have your work be an expression of who you really are as a person?

Making this decision is actually the first step you must take to move ahead.

What decision will you make?