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Why Habits Are Important

I find habitual individuals wildly interesting. “Really? So, every morning you get up, return emails, and then go to the gym? Every morning,” … yet I have a great deal of trouble sticking to my own.

Habits reflect discipline and commitment to ones goals, growth, and self. One of the reasons for my odd, okay, weird infatuation is because the most habitual people I know are some of the most compelling and successful. When I say successful, I am referring to individuals who are grounded, satisfied, and committed to growing towards some larger goal that fulfills them each day.

We pick and choose our experiences. The beauty of habits is that they reflect intentional choices that add value to our greater self and take us closer to our goals. Now of course life gets in the away, the dog must go to the vet, the car needs an oil change, your best friend breaks up with her boyfriend and needs support. Still, all of these are not “musts” but conscious choices that reflect your character. 

If anything, honoring commitments and consciously choosing how to react to the many options that sprout throughout the day speaks to someone who knows what they want and has a deep sense of self.

I often thought of this through a seaweed/moss metaphor. Seaweed flows chaotically in the tide where moss is rooted deeply to a rock. Regardless of how tumultuous or calm the ocean is, the moss stays put while the seaweed goes for a wild ride. (Marine biologists … please leave my lovely metaphor alone).

Though I’d really like to be moss, I find myself most often entranced with tide, swaying wildly through life like seaweed. Okay … I can’t believe I am comparing myself to ocean weeds. What I am trying to say it that self-discipline has always been a weakness of mine. I now see that this had less to do with me being flaky and more to do with not knowing who I was or what I wanted. 

Now that I have a deeper understanding of who I am and what I want out of my life, I am holding myself accountable by tracking my habits on my blog, Behind the Make Up. I am posting a progress report every Wednesday; midweek seems like a good check in time. If anyone else is interested in tracking their progress towards a certain goal, be it cooking each day, working out every morning, increasing their blog traffic, I would love you to join me … support and success are mutually exclusive!