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Why Hiring a Professional Organizer Is a Necessity Rather Than a Luxury

Last week I attended the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers! If you can imagine a conference that is run more smoothly and organized, let me know!!! We had a blast in Orlando discovering new products, new services, new books, new ideas (yes, I am rambling), and rekindling friendships from all over the world. Who knew there is a need for organizing in areas like Bermuda, Japan, New Zealand, and France? It just goes to show how everyone is looking for a little more order in their lives, no matter where they live.

You may think as we all meet that we are learning new ways to put items in a pretty container, but it was so much more. As organizers, our goal is to help you discover why you are disorganized and ways to help you create new habits to overcome disorganization. The classes we take go deep into the needs of our clients. But the biggest part of the conference is to help our profession gain exposure. Not many people know what we do and why they should spend their hard earned dollars on our services! They all think they could do it themselves, why should they pay someone to help.

I thought I may help educate the rest of the world who aren’t sure what we can do for you and can’t figure out why they should spend the money on it! Here are a few reasons why:

Why Hiring a Professional Organizer Is a Necessity Rather Than a Luxury:

  1. Professional organizers help cut expenses by weeding out processes, activities, or tools that are no longer serving their purpose.
  2. You will have more time to touch base with clients, networking contacts, and other potential clients.
  3. Professional organizers help you find and use what you have, such as pantry items, office supplies, gift items, etc., so you avoid re-buying things you already own.
  4. Professional organizers help you pay your bills on time and control your finances.
  5. You will know where everything is!
  6. Professional organizers help you keep appointments, avoiding no-show fees.
  7. Professional organizers help prevent missed opportunities and events.
  8. Professional organizers help eliminate the costs of extra storage space.
  9. Professional organizers help you uncover what is important to you and helps preserve those items.
  10. Professional organizers help maintain your valuables, including your home and car.

A professional organizer is a confidant, a friend, a specialist, a coach, a financial assistant, and so much more. We have different niches that we focus on to be the best service provider for our clients. No matter what your level of disorganization is, a professional organizer will bring more time, joy, and freedom into your life!