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Why I Almost Skipped This Week’s Article

I’ve been attempting to write this week’s article for the last two and a half hours and I was just about to give up. All my ideas seemed boring or uninspired. Anytime I started to write, my inner critic would shout, “Oh, they won’t think that’s helpful; everyone knows that already, blah, blah.” I was becoming frustrated, tempted to skip this week’s newsletter or just reprint a previous article.

And then it hit me.

My inner critic was doing a really good job of distracting me from writing what you need to hear, from sharing advice that would help you take that next step with your career change.

Then I became curious. 

How many of you have been doubting yourself and your job efforts recently? Have you been inadvertently slowing down your job hunting efforts because of your lack of success? How many of you have been wondering if you even have some sort of passion that you could turn into a livelihood? Are you only taking passive action, if any action at all, to find work you’d love and make a career out of it?

It happens.

Although, let me remind you that you do have a purpose. You can make a fantastic living from it. You can create the life you truly want.

Your inner critic just despises change. It thinks it needs to protect you from yourself and tries to do this by throwing every worry in the book at you. It knows that if it bothers you with every negative thought you will become distracted and slow down if not stop your career change efforts.

Ask yourself if this is what’s been happening. If it is, the only thing you need to do is take action despite the negative self-talk and bothersome concerns.

That’s what I had to do to write this. It’s also what I had to do (and still need to remind myself!) to leave my corporate job and start my own business.

Turn your attention away from all the fear and self-criticism. Pour your energy into taking action—any action is better than all the thinking and reasoning you’ve been doing.

Go ahead. I did it and so can you.