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Why I Can’t Find a Good Job

It started in 1969 when I returned from the service. Affirmative action kept me out of a lot of good opportunities (me being a poor white male). Then there are the jobs that my wife, mistress, family members, etc., got, and really didn’t need, because they were already living in a high income household.

Jobs should go to those that need them the most. If two people have equal qualifications then the job should go to the one who really needs it. Like, sort of how the seniority system works in union shops. But instead of time worked: it is according to who needs it most.

When I was growing up, it took only one person working in the average household to earn enough money to meet all needs and still have something left over for savings. Mom basically stayed home with kids. 1970. The wage of every head of house should be guaranteed, if they work a forty-hour week or are in an area of high unemployment. 
In my opinion there are plenty of jobs. They just need to be spread out more efficiently.