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Why Network Marketing?

As most of us know the common way to expose people to most products, is by advertisement. We are under constant attack by the media, bombarded by television ads, billboards, radio, and online ads. Basically everywhere we go, we are confronted by beautiful people that we don’t even know, actors and actresses that appear next to a specific product just to create an image. It is not a secret that these celebrities been hired by the manufacturers and the advertising companies, so we, the consumers, will connect with. They are paid enormous sums of money for these promotions. This of course is happening all the time with most products in the market whether the products are good or bad.

In this traditional marketing system only a small portion of the income will go the manufacturers, most of it will be distributed among the advertising and marketing agencies. The complete opposite takes place in Network Marketing, we the consumers get to test the product, and only if it is good, and only if we like it based on our personal experience, do we recommend it to the people we know. It is a trust in the advice of people we know, vs. some unknown, but famous figure on TV, that makes the difference. It is a most powerful marketing tool and very reliable way to introduce a product. We will check a book or see a movie, use a certain product or visit a restaurant based on our friend’s recommendations. Many of our daily decisions are based on ideas and input we got from our personal contacts.

In network marketing, the manufacturer, that invested more than the average, on the quality of the product, earns very large sums through distribution. The beauty here is that the manufacturer spends half its revenues on its distributors rather than spend it on traditional advertisement. This is a revolutionized system of marketing developed in the late twentieth century. In this system, the manufacturer and the distributor are partner who share the enormous income generate by the combination of a fantastic product and a well motivated distributor.