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Why Your BIG WHY Means Big Things to Your Practice

Like every human being on the planet, you were born with a unique constellation of gifts, skills, essence and strengths that are meant to serve you and the greater good.
Sound like a big job? It can be. Until you begin following your purpose with decisive clarity. That’s when serving in the way you were meant to serve becomes the most natural, compelling thing in the world.
Honing that big vision of your practice is one of the secret ingredients to maintaining momentum as a CranioSacral Therapist.
When you intentionally call to mind why you’re doing all this—and how it feels when you’re doing it really well—you reignite your passion.
And your vision pulls you forward.
Start by Asking Yourself the Opposite Question
Usually, crafting a business vision takes us into ourselves wondering, “What do I want my practice to look like in five years?”
That’s important to know. You want to have a distinct understanding of where you’re going so you can create the map, the plan and the strategies to get there.
But for a big-hearted therapist like you, that’s usually not the burning question that will pull you toward your dream.
Instead of looking inward, try looking outward and ask yourself this ...
“What do I want the world to look like after people have been touched by my work and me?”
When you ask yourself this question, you start to see what your practice will look like as it’s reflected back to you by a critically important element of your business—your clients.
It’s the ripple effect you’re creating as you help make the world a touch better.
Reflecting Dr. John’s BIG WHY
Dr. John once asked me to craft his personal vision into a declaration for his teaching institute and clinic. After looking back at the impact of his decades of work, this became the essence of his vision statement:
“People in every walk of life are learning, practicing and receiving CranioSacral Therapy and complementary care that promote their natural gifts of self-healing.
“They’re feeling deeply honored and empowered by their ability to take their health into their own hands. And that growing awareness is leading to a greater integration of human beings in body, mind and spirit.
“The global community is softening with compassion nurtured through genuine, caring touch.”
I can still see Dr. John’s face when I reflected his vision back to him for the first time. His eyes widened as he said, “That’s it. That’s why I do this work. It’s all about empowerment and body-mind-spirit integration.”
And so it is.

Sketch Out Your BIG WHY in Broad Strokes
What’s your business vision? Your BIG WHY? That thing that makes you remember why you love to do what you do every day?
Start by jotting down thoughts, snippets, words, scenes ~ whatever strikes you as you roll the question around in your mind.
Then write and rewrite until all you have left is an image of the world you most want to live in.
I promise you, plenty of other people will want to live there, too.