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Why Your Company Should Sponsor a Mom

There’s no doubt about it. Even in this down economy, moms are still making the purchasing decisions and well, they’re still purchasing–albeit, more prudently. Because every purchase gets a second look, brand loyalty is more important than ever.

Companies have realized the value of moms in the blogosphere but many companies are still looking for something offline and conversational that can still be translated into the buzz-worthy online world.

The answer is easy: conferences.

Yes, every year there are a few more conferences for moms to choose from. Most of them revolve around social media, writing, blogging, and bonding. For a lot of moms, the anticipation of the event starts months before the conference actually happens. They share excitement online via their blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Why wouldn’t a company want to be part of this buzz?

Think about it. Your brand could be woven into all these conversations before, during, and after these conferences. And to sponsor one person is usually less than $2000 … a drop in the bucket compared to some PPC or online advertising campaigns.

Are you thinking about it now? Need some tips for finding the best mom for your sponsorship?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Read their blogs. Does their “voice” resonate with what your brand is all about?
  • Talk to a few on the phone. You’ll be amazed at the energy some of these women. You’ll feel it through the phone lines! I promise.
  • Ask for a bio or portfolio of their work. You might also want them to send a sample video they’ve done in the past. Live vlogging at conferences will get you the most bang for your buck.
  • Look at it as a relationship. Chances are, when you sponsor a mom for a conference, she’ll become your biggest fan and, in a lot of ways, the perfect spokesmom. Leverage this relationship by giving her advance notice about new products, special promotions, and offer giveaways on her blog all year round.

Don’t underestimate the power that having a mom represent you at conferences. Everyday life for a mom is filled with keeping the kids happy, making meals, cleaning house, working virtually in some capacity, and social networking. When they are at a conference, they are there to learn from each other, to network, and to socialize. Get in the game! Have an authentic voice as these moms converge and talk non-stop all weekend.

Looking for a great place to start? There are a ton of brilliant and marketing savvy moms on MomForce.