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Work Friends You Should Have

Having the right friendships at work can really pay off!

You may feel you have nothing more than working for the same company in common with your coworkers—after all, we’ve seen your coworker confessions. But there are some work relationships that can be indispensable. This recent article summed it up so well I just had to share with you.

1. The IT Manager: With computers an essential work tool for many, its good to be friends with the one who keeps it running well and can get it fixed quickly. And we don’t want him or her running to the boss to report how much time you’ve been spending at truuconfessions.

2. The Veteran: There’s generally someone who’s been with the company longer than you. This person is a great resource for all those little things you’d rather not have to go to your manager about. They also have great connections!

3. The Cross-Department Crony: Complaining to people within your department can lead to increased negativity and reinforce biased opinions. But a shoulder in another department is great to cry on. In addition, he or she will be able to offer feedback that is more objective.

4. The Office Manager/Receptionist: He or she keeps the office running smoothly, and being friends can mean you have an important ally watching your back.

5. Your Work Best Friend: This is someone who can cover when you need to step out of the office a few minutes early or bouncy ideas off of. They’re also someone you can safely share a bit of office gossip with and just make work an overall happier place to be.

Tell us, have you been able to make important friendships at work and how has it helped you?

Originally published on truuconfessions